Archery: The Basics

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Archery: The Basics introduces learning to shoot recurve target archery information needed by anyone who is new to archery and wants to learn to shoot. It can also be used by a teacher/coach needing basic information. This DVD includes background information terminology, safety, the importance of eye dominance, etc. But the important part is the four lessons that are used to either teach yourself or to teach others:

  • Basic Body Position
  • Working with the Bow
  • Working with the Bow and Arrow
  • Starting to Shoot

Following the lessons are information segments detailing each aspect of shooting form.

  • Basic Body Position
  • Bow Hand
  • Bow Elbow
  • Shoulders
  • Drawing Hand
  • Drawing Arm
  • Anchor
  • Release/Finish

Other Items covered are String Alignment, Stringing a Recurve and Setting up the first Bow.

This is Ongoing Help This video is not a 'view once and put on the shelf.' The material is very condensed. It is meant to be studied again and again. Also, a teacher or an archer can create a video of shooting and if taken from the same camera position, compare what the archer is doing to what is on the video. This can help tremendously when working for improvement.

This video was written and produced by Ruth Rowe, a retired international competitor, champion, record-holder, and teacher/coach.








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