Archery: Refining Your Form Video

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Archery: Refining Your Form is a second video, building on the fundamentals presented in Archery: The Basics. It expands the information and presents more detail, giving the broader concepts an archer needs to improve. So the information on any particular part can be easily found, there are 8 separate segments, each addressing a different aspect of shooting technique. This video can be used by either an archer or an instructor.

  • The Importance of Mimetics
  • The Preset
  • The Bow Side
  • The Drawing Side
  • The Anchor and the Aim
  • Determining Your Stance
  • Getting In Line
  • Using the Clicker

In addition, at the beginning, there is a quick review of the shooting sequence presented in The Basics as well as tips on how to practice when learning something new.

This is ongoing help this video is not a piece to 'view once and put on the shelf.' Like Archery: The Basics, the material is very condensed. It is meant to be studied again and again. Also, if the archer is filmed from the same camera position used in this tape, the archer or coach can directly compare the two. This can help tremendously when working for improvement. This video includes information on the camera angles to use when making a personal video.

Archery: Refining Your Form was written and produced by Ruth Rowe, a retired international competitor, champion, record-holder, and teacher/coach.








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