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Simple Maintenance for Archery

Just went out of print. Second Edition in progress, look for it late spring/early summer!!


For Compound and Recurve Archers

Ever have arrows with damaged fletching or nocks? Has your string's center serving ever come loose? These are repairs you can easily make. This book contains all the basic maintenance procedures. Learn to work with arrows, strings, and sights so you can keep your equipment in tip-top shape!

View pages from many Chapters in Adobe Acrobat Reader. The footer shows the Chapter.  

Price is $11.95

  • Arrows
    Installing and Replacing Nocks
    Fletching Arrows
    Cutting Arrows
    Installing and Replacing Points
    Checking Arrows
  • Strings
    Starting and Finishing a Serving
    Replacing a Center Serving
    Adding a Loop to a Compound Serving
    Serving on a Nocking Point
    Making the Nocking Point Fit the Nock
    Installing a Peep Sight
    Installing Kisser Button
    Waxing the String
  • Sights
    Getting More Distance on the Sight Bar
    Aligning the Sight Bar to the String
    Leveling the Scope Level
    Centering the Sight Pin
    Changing a Sight Pin without Losing the Windage

The book was written by Ruth Rowe and Alan Anderson. Both are long-time archers. Ruth is an Olympian, now retired from competition, and Alan is a craftsman of detailed and complex magic illusions and models







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